20212 Mazzola
GPS : 42.301246,9.310548

Mazzola is located at 830 metres above sea level and belongs to the old parish of Bozio in Upper Corsica. This little village is made up of several hamlets: A Casella, San Ciprianu, U Castellucciu and A Mazzola. Mazzola stretches from the Pasquale stream (650 m) at the bottom of the Bozio valley to the Punta di Caldane (1724 m) and to the Punta di Figarrellu to the east.

This mountainous village is located at the foot of the Punta di Caldane (1724 m), which belongs to the Caldane chain, where there are many hiking trails. For this reason, Mazzola is a good starting point for many excursions, but you must be in good physical shape. Pay attention: you should not underestimate the difficulty linked to the summer heat, to the significant differences in altitude and to the overgrown vegetation.

Inside the village, you can visit the parish church of Saint-Cyprien (dating from the beginning of the 19th century), which was renovated at the beginning of the 20th century. This single-nave church has a side chapel and two side altars. It is a rather simple building, but in good condition. There are also several chapels scattered in the village, such as the chapel of St. Michael (18th century). This chapel has been modified two times, as indicated by the two dates on its façade.

This village is crossed by the D339 road and by the D316 one. Mazzola is located at 20 km from Corte and at 56 km from Aléria.