20259 Mausoléo
GPS : 42.520953,9.008102

Mausoléo is a mountain village at an altitude of 730 metres and belongs to the ancient parish of Giussani in Balagna region. The Francioni stream separates Mausoléo from Olmi-Cappella. This village is part of a mountainous micro-region with Olmi-Cappella, Vallica and Pioggiola.

This village is surrounded by mountains: for example, Monte Padro (2389 m), Capu a u Dente (2029 m), Monte Grosso (1935 m) and San Parteo (1680 m). The village shares with other ones the Oak Grove of Vallica, a forest of almost a thousand hectares. It is the ideal place to enjoy a nature that is still intact uncontaminated.

The history of this small village is very ancient: according to Giovanni della Grossa (1388-1464), whose chronicles represent the only source of internal history of the Middle Ages in Corsica, Mausoléo was founded by a Spanish tribe two centuries before Christ.
Today the village offers to tourists a few historically interesting buildings. In particular, three Genoese bridges – true works of art built by the Genoese during their occupation of Corsica and the parochial church of St Salvadore (16th century). This church is rather small, but inside you can find some remarkable works such as the painting Intercession of the Virgin and of the St John the Baptist for the souls in Purgatory.
There is only one road to reach the village, the D 563, which ends at Mausoléo. If you feel like visiting this village, be aware that there are no shops nearby.