20245 Manso
GPS : 42.376137, 8.779679

Manso is a town that doesn't face the coastline with an area of 121.02 km2 west of Corsica. It is located in the deep Fango Valley, a microregion called Filorsoma.

You can reach Manso following the D81 road and then the small D351 road, which goes up the Fango valley and ends in a dead end in the hamlet of Mont Estremo.

Created in 1864 from Calenzan territories, Manso is steeped in history and agro-pastoral tradition. Formerly, the Niolins were a people of shepherds who practiced the transhumance of the goat and sheep herds from the coast to the mountains.

There are vestiges attesting to the occupation of the site in the past, such as the old village of Chiumi, the old Mount Estremo which can only be reached on foot, or the old ruined convent of Santa Maria in the upper valley of Fango.

This municipality maintains many hiking trails , such as the long-distance Mer et Montagne - Tra mare e monti- , which crosses Manso.