20215 Loreto-di-Casinca
GPS : 42.477778,9.431389

Loreto-di-Casinca is located at 620 metres above sea level and is part of the ancient parish of Casinca. It is a village surrounded by medium-sized mountains, from which it is possible to organise various excursions good for the whole family. This village, which enjoys a Mediterranean climate with moderate temperature variations through the year, offers a breathtaking view of the plain and of the Italian islands of Elba, of Montecristo and of Pianosa.
The main waterways which cross the village are the Golo – which is the largest coastal river on Corsica and which flows into the Tyrrhenian Sea – and the Fium'Alto.

The history of this village is characterised by two curious episodes: the first episode dates back to the 18th century when, during the war against the Republic of Genoa and France, 240 clergymen managed to delay the entry of French troops into Loreto-di-Casinca. The second episode dates back to 1895: Loreto-di-Casinca was the first village in Corsica to receive electricity.

Art lovers can visit the parish church of St André (18th century), which is classified historical monument. This church contains a painting showing the Virgin with Child, a painting that the legend attributes to Luke the Evangelist. This saint is said to have made seven paintings, but only six of his seven paintings are kept in the Vatican because the seventh one is said to be in Loreto-di-Casinca. This work of art is still today the object of popular devotion and is carried in a procession every fifty years: we know that in 1480 more than fifty thousand pilgrims came from all over Europe to watch the procession.

Loreto-di-Casinca is located at 37 km from Bastia, at 56 km from Aléria and at 59 km from Corte. This village is crossed by the D6 road.