Lion de Roccapina

Access map

20100 Sartène
GPS : 41.4972,8.9342

Difficulty: Medium, on an unmarked path
Type: Loop
Duration: 2h30
Length: 3.6 km
Difference in height: 230 m
Start: Col de Coralli, Sartène
GPS: 41.4972, 8.9342

At the foot of the col de Roccapina, there are two towers on a rocky outcrop overhanging a fine sand beach. The oldest of the two towers is today in ruins, that from afar look like a lion's head.

Access by car
On the N196 between Sartène and Monacia-d'Aullène, at the Coralli pass there is an inn along which there is a path leading to the Roccapina beach. It is necessary to take this path (beware of low vehicles) until the large car park near the beach.

The undeveloped trail begins at the edge of the beach under a large juniper tree. A second path leads to the "oriu" built under the very lion's head. It starts slightly further east and runs along an old fountain. Cairns mark the climb, but the trail is difficult to follow and will require some climbing... (Warning: as it is very dangerous, it is prohibited to go to the top).
The climb to the Genoese Tower is faster and offers beautiful views of the beach of Roccapina, and after reaching the ridge, on the beach of Erbaju.


Lion de Roccapina

20100 Sartène