à 35 mns à l'est de Propriano
20170 Levie
GPS : 41.702812, 9.122843

Located in the heart of the Alta Rocca region, Levie is a municipality of 687 inhabitants (as of 2017).

Its 85.85 km2 territory stretches over a length of 17 km between the Rizzanese valley, the "Pianu de Levie" in the north, and the Cagna mountain in the South. Levie groups together many hamlets such as Pantanu, Carpulitanu, Tirolu, A Vignaledda, and Radici.

The village of Levie is home to the Departmental Museum of L'Alta Rocca, where you can discover the archeology, paleo-ethnography and the history of L'Alta Rocca.