L'étang de Biguglia et sa Réserve Naturelle
route de la Lagune
20260 Biguglia
GPS : 42.627348,9.464341

The nature reserve of the pond of Biguglia has been classified since 1994.
It occupies an area of 1,790 ha and protects a Corsican wetland, the pond of Biguglia, renowned for its ornithological population.
The Reserve extends over four municipalities (Furiani, Biguglia, Borgo and Lucciana) south of Bastia. It is limited by the outlying districts of Bastia to the north, by the Golo to the south, national road 193 to the west and the Tyrrhenian Sea to the east.
The Biguglia pond, originally a lagoon, is more than 6000 years old and was made by the sea reshuffle of the Golo alluvium.
Since Antiquity, it was occupied by the Romans, then by the Pisans, and finally by the Genoese.
The Biguglia fort, located to the north of the pond, bears witness to the strong activities of the past.
This historical heritage has now become the eco-museum of the nature reserve, devoted to fishing and animal migration.
Over the centuries, many works were undertaken to clean the pond (drying, digging of drainage canals, etc.).
Several walks are possible around the pond of Biguglia. They are available on this section in the "Hiking, Cycling" section of the Grand Bastia region.