Les Mines de Farinole (Ferringule)

Access map

20253 Farinole
GPS : 42.733598,9.362636

Difficulty: Easy
Type: Round trip
Duration: 1h30
Length: 2.6 km
Difference in height: 176
Start: Farinole

The mines of Farinole (A Ferrera) are magnetite mines where were exploited, together with the mine d'Olmeta, in Cap Corse, from the 16th to the 18th century. The minerals extracted from the mines were used in different forges of the island and their minerals were famous for their quality. Due to their high operating costs, the mines were gradually abandoned.

Access by car
From Patrimonio, go to Farinole and cross all hamlets until Braculaccia. At the exit of this last hamlet is a bridge. You can park your car before crossing it.

Behind the bridge is a pretty restored washing place. Them, you will have to return to the road and cross the bridge. The path starts on the right in a slight slope. Then, follow the path for 40 - 50 minutes on a quiet walk. You can admire the landscape and the beautiful church of Farinole. When you see iron stakes, the Ferringule mines are not far away. It is a few meters after the entrance to the first gallery of the mine.
The first cavity is about 30m long. Coming out of the first gallery, you will have to take the road on the right for a few meters. You will discover an old miners's house before arriving at the entrance of the second gallery. For the third, you will have to retrace your steps to the iron stake seen before the first gallery, and descend about thirty meters through the thicket. (Be careful, the path is not well marked!). The entrance to this 3rd gallery is protected by vegetation.


Les Mines de Farinole (Ferringule)

20253 Farinole