Les Journées Napoléoniennes d'Ajaccio
En août à Ajaccio
GPS : 41.926037,8.739223

The Bonaparte family arrived in Ajaccio in the early sixteenth century. Napoleon was born here in 1769 and, since 1860, some members of the family are buried in the Imperial Chapel. A true fairy tale that has been going on for five centuries, alternating between the light and the shadows, difficult moments and moments of glory. The history of the Bonaparte merges with that of the town. They saw it being born, contributed to its growth and propelled it into the modern era. What is left of them today?
An immense heritage, inheritance of a family who had two Emperors: Napoleon I and Napoleon III. Everything in the town bears the seal of the imperial family: town planning, cultural and religious buildings, civil buildings, toponymy, political history...
The Napoleonic Days, organized by the Intermunicipal Tourist Office of the Country of Ajaccio: animations, exhibitions, dances, landing, bivouac, music in the Empire style, changing of the guard, reenactments...
Relive these historical moments.