Les Glacières de Cardo, 503m

Access map

Cardo - Bastia
GPS : 42.702517,9.427251

Difficulty: Easy
Type: Round trip
Duration: 3h00
D+320m D-320m
Start: Cardo - Bastia
GPS: 42.702517,9.427251

Access by car
Meeting point in Cardu by two possible routes
⦁From the Col du Pignu above Bastia (42.694546, 9.399842).A small path crosses the ridges. After an hour of walking, you'll arrive directly to the glaciers.
⦁ From Bastia, follow the directions to Saint Florent by the Teghime pass road. At the exit of the town, after the convent of Saint Antoine, turn right towards Cardu. Park on the church square, where the hike begins.

Itinerary (from Cardu)
The trail starts between the houses, at the level of a property where there are palm trees. The beginning of the path is shaded and continues on a road to the left. Follow the direction of the white-pointed wood panels and climb the steps to a small gazebo. Walk along a stone wall and cross a trail before starting a second trail. Warning: normally, the path continues opposite, but it is possible that it is invaded by brambles. If this is the case, go up the trail to a spring (dry). Turn left and walk along the wall to a renovated sheepfold. Here is a spring protected by 5 huge trees. Pass at the foot of a rocky peak and in front of a beautiful fountain from 1941. You'll arrive at the first glacier, while the second requires a detour.


Les Glacières de Cardo, 503m

Cardo - Bastia