Les Bergeries de Prunincu 1050m à Lama

Access map

20218 Lama
GPS : 42.575095,9.172100

Difficulty Medium

Type Return

trip Duration 4h00

Lenght 3.81 km


Start Lama GPS 42.575095, 9.172100

Access by car :

The meeting place is in Lama, where you can park near the church. Join the trail along the uphill street to the right of the church and continue for about 600 meters. On the right, a staircase indicates the beginning of the path.

Itinerary :

Turn right and follow the Orange and Yellow signs. Climb and go around the Pinzalone from the south. Do not turn left towards Monte Grossu, but go North-North-East to reach Prunincu Refuge. We'll pass by a dried-up spring in summer before reaching a clearing with 4 chestnut trees. You will then arrive at the refuge, dilapidated and taking place in a granite chaos. The trail returns along the same route. Near the Prunincu refuge is a water point, but beware, for the spring can dry out during drought times.
Once at the refuge, you will continue to climb to Monte Astu going north then east-north-east. Count 8h for the return trip instead of 4h. Attention: If there is any markup until the refuge, it is random and made of cairns for the climb to Monte Astu. Find the information of this hike in the "Difficult Hikes" of this marker.
Warning Along this route, you can find a stinging plant (the peucédan), so it is better to opt for trousers rather than shorts!



Les Bergeries de Prunincu 1050m à Lama

20218 Lama