Les Bergeries de Grotte à è Piane 320m

Access map

20151 Cannelle
GPS : 42.970985,9.359108

Difficulty: Easy
Type: Round trip
Duration: 2h30
Difference in height: 140m
Start: Cannelle - Centuri
GPS: 42.970985,9.359108

Access by car
Take the road to Cap Corse via the D80, until the village of Camera, Municipality of Centuri. Go down the D35 towards the port of Centuri, and the first hamlet of Orche, take the small road on the right leading to Cannelle. Leave your vehicle on the parking at the entrance of the hamlet.

Take the small sloping lane overlooking the car park and turn right. Turn left at the first crossroad to take the path overlooking the hamlet. On your right is a trail marked in red that goes up to the Mattei mill, leave it and walk along the beautiful path lined with dry stones to admire the breathtaking views of the west coast of Cap Corse, Centuri and the Caspense Islets. Continue north along a beautiful path where you can enjoy some nice shade areas. At the exit of the undergrowth, you will be able to admire the sea, the coast below as well as the famous "Sentier des Douaniers" (this trek is available in the "Easy" hikes of this section).
From there, you can see very clearly the small "Eaux Bleues" cove (E Pile). Continue in the bush until the sheepfolds and soak up the unforgettable smells of Corsica.


Les Bergeries de Grotte à è Piane 320m

20151 Cannelle