Le sentier du Patrimoine de Sainte-Lucie de Tallano
GPS : 41.697137,9.064801

Departure : In the heart of the village of Sainte Lucie de Tallano
Return to the starting point : YES
Duration : 1h30 - Difficulty : easy - Distance : 1.7 Km
Positive  elevation : 64 m - Slope : 64 m
Interest : Discovery of fountains, washhouses, ovens, mills, oil mill, olive groves
Signposting : Follow the trail signs
Precautions : Hiking shoes, hat and sunscreen, water

In the Alta Rocca the heritage trail of Saint Lucia of Tallano was set up at the initiative of the Office for the Environment. The path allows you to combine the discovery of heritage and to walk in the great outdoors. The Alta Rocca is a showcase for the history of southern Corsica, and offers a diversity of landscapes, a rich fauna and flora.

The walk begins a few steps from the center of the village of Sainte Lucie de Tallano. By following the route and taking the direction of St André , you will follow the water circuit, which was once organized so as not to lose a drop. After drinking water from the magnificent restored Saint André fountain, called "A Funtanedda", the route takes you along the olive groves, where you can see the various viewpoints over Poggio and Saint Lucia. Going back down, you will find an old washhouse, which leads back to the ancestral oven. This is the place where people meet to share the so-called bread of friendship during "A Festa di l'oliu novu" (the feast of the new oil). Then you reach the old U Fragnu mill, which has become an eco-museum dedicated to olive oil. Finally, back in the village, the route goes through the old town, where there is a fortified house called "A Turri".


Le sentier du Patrimoine de Sainte-Lucie de Tallano