Le sentier du Patrimoine de l'Oriu di i Canni
GPS : 41.509135,9.198564

Difficulty : easy
Departure : Village of Canni
Duration : 40 min Round trip
Distance : 1.3 km
Elevation : 30 m
Precautions : Hiking shoes, hat and sunscreen, water

The village of Canni hosts a surprising block of stone wearing a gigantic pointed cap. This former shepherds' shelter is a curiosity of the region. Its discovery remains an exceptional moment.
During the ride to reach the promontory where the Oriu di i Canni is located, you will walk through the coastal maquis, a vegetation typical of the island of beauty.

History  : Oriu di Canni has a long history, dating back to prehistoric times. The building was created naturally by the erosion of the rock due to rain and wind. This is defined as "taffonisation", which comes from the Corsican word "taffone," meaning hole. This amazing geological phenomenon shaped authentic regional treasures. Then, prehistoric men used it as a shelter for themselves and their animals, and sometimes even as a place to bury the dead.What we see today is the result of human development. In the 16th century, the shepherds transformed the rock shelter to make it more habitable during periods of transhumance.

Access : Oriu di i Canni  is located in the hamlet of  Canni, in the municipality of  Sotta. From Porto-Vecchio, follow the T10 towards  Bonifacio. At the second roundabout, take the first exit towards  Sotta  on the D859. In the village of Sotta, continue and turn left on the D959 towards  Chera. In Canni, park in the underground car park where you see the "Oriu di I Canni" sign. After taking a few steps on the road, take the old path of the shepherds. After 5 minutes of walking, a path climbs to the left, on a hill to reach Oriu di i Canni.


Le sentier du Patrimoine de l'Oriu di i Canni