Le Sentier des Crêtes
20000 Ajaccio
GPS : 41.926655, 8.714624


Departure: Bois des Anglais Bus Stop (Line no. 7)

Return to the starting point: YES

Duration: 2 to 4 hours One way - Possibility of go back by Bus Line no. 5

Difficulty: medium to difficult

Positive difference in height : 558 m

Negative difference in height : 555 m

Distance: 6 to 11 km

Viewpoints: sea and mountains.

Vegetation: myrtle, arbutus, cork oak, and coastal maquis.

Water point: None, take your own water

Precautions: Hiking shoes, hat and sunscreen, water

The Chemin des Crêtes follows the coastline to the relief of the Sanguinaires Islands, offering exceptional views of the coast. After about 40 minutes of uphill climb with a medium slope, you reach a path called “des Crêtes” which dominates the town and the bay of Ajaccio.

According to your wishes, the circuit can last more or less time (for a maximum of more than 4 hours).

Short Circuit :

The start is from the Bois des Anglais, at the roundabout located at the intersection of Avenue de Verdun and rue Maurice Choury. On the left, you can reach a car park at the foot of the path. At the fork, take the path going to the left and continue until a T-junction where you'll enter the Crêtes path. Take a left towards Parc Berthault or make a U-turn to return to the car park. From Parc Berthault, you can return to the city center following Boulevard Pascal Rossini along the seaside.

Long circuit :

At the T-junction, where you'll join the crest trail, turn right, keeping a general west orientation. The path overlooks the Gulf of Ajaccio and heads towards the Sanguinary Islands. After 2 hours of walking, the Sanguinaires islands stand out clearly and you'll tackle a descent of half an hour until the solar station of Vignola and the Sanguinaires road, near the bus stop Terre-Sacrée of the 5 line.


Le Sentier des Crêtes

20000 Ajaccio