Le Parc Naturel d'Olva
Lieu-dit Olva, route de la Castagna
20100 Sartène
06 11 75 29 64
GPS : 41.639606, 8.977878

Parc Naturel d’Olva Animal park and botanical trail
At the Parc Naturel d’Olva, in just a few hours, you will discover some of the most beautiful varieties of Corsican trees and the domestic animals of the region.
The animals which live in Olva inhabit a 30-hectare natural setting, which, in actual fact, is their own environment. Donkeys and horses are free to roam; in the farmyard, hens and ducks go about their business; she-goats and billy-goats climb the mounds of rocks and sleep in the caves hidden among them. Time comes to a standstill as the newborn savour the joys of their new life under the tender and watchful eye of their mother.
Wild olive trees, cork oaks, mastic, cistus, immortelles, and more, everything that creates the fragrance and beauty of Corsica rises up here out of the piles of granite, on which goats and kids balance. A short botanical trail winds around the park, and each species is identified and signposted and, as walkers progress, they become aware of the infinite variety of plants, trees and shrubs in the so-called “wild” world.
The site is visited on foot and everyone is free to visit at their own pace and stop where they wish in the shade of the beautiful trees. Picnic areas are available throughout the walk.
At the end of the visit, ponies can be rented for children.
Opening times: The park is open all year round
⦁ 7 days a week, from 9.30 am to 7 pm in the high season.
⦁ School holidays every day from 10h to 18h except Mondays
Outside these periods, variable opening days
Entry price : adult: 7.50€ ; child: €5; free for children under 4 years.
Baptism with Ponies 4 €

Credit cards not accepted

Le Parc Naturel d'Olva

Lieu-dit Olva, route de la Castagna
20100 Sartène