Le Niolu

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Le Niolu
GPS : 42.306109,9.001636

This region of central Corsica is a high plateau where are the highest peaks of Corsica, whose highest point is Monte Cinto (2710 meters) and where the villages are the highest on the island.
Central jewel of Corsica, the Niolu has remained a land of traditions with many legends...
Access routes to the Niolu have long been difficult to cross, the Verghju pass to the west and the Scala di Santa Regina to the east allowed the valley to resist the various invasions and still keep its authentic character.
Mainly turned towards pastoralism, the inhabitants of Niolu adapted to harsh climatic conditions, practicing transhumance with many cattle, goats and sheep.
Shepherds have always been an integral part of this territory. Today, their cheeses are famous also beyond the island's borders. Sold directly by the producer to the consumer or in small grocery stores, you will find an excellent authentic cheese to taste.

For hikers
⦁ Lake Ninu: one of the most famous places in the central Corsica. This glacial lake is located 1743 m above sea level and is surrounded by lawns with holes called "pozzines".
You may have the chance to meet wild horses. Accessible from a GR20 leg, it will take about 3 hours to reach this lake.
The Ruda Canyon in the town of Corsica (to do with a supervisor)
⦁ The Aitone forest: here you'll see huge black pines that used to be employed to make boat masts.
If you want to continue your visit in the Niolu
⦁ The archaeological museum of Niolu: located in the municipality of Albatracce.
⦁ The former convent of St. Francis of the fifteenth century.