Le Golfe de Girolata

Access map

20147 Girolata
GPS : 42.332214,8.599505
In the heart of the Scandola Nature Reserve, the Gulf of Girolata is the miniature replica of the Gulf of Porto and is located right next to it. It is surrounded by very large red cliffs of more than 300 meters, like those of Punta Rosa, and covered in thicket.
The gulf is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983.
This dream place, guarded by a Genoese fort, is animated by the rhythm of the boats which arrive and call there. You can access the gulf by road, by boat, but also by hiking trails (The Gulf of Girolata is located on the path of the Mare e Monti trail.).
From the port of Porto, you can take a boat to the Gulf of Girolata.
The picturesque village of Girolata, dominated by a Genoese fort dating back to 1550, is a nice addition to its turquoise waters and is one of the most visited locations in Corsica.
Creeks are numerous all around, and are opened on hillsides covered with undergrowth which contrast with the red colour blood of porphyres...