Le Désert des Agriates Littoral

Access map

GPS : 42.654674,9.061848

Difficulty Easy

Type Return trip with a loop part

Duration 2h30

Height 110m

Start Plage de l'Ostriconi GPS 42.654674, 9.061848

Access by car :

From Ile-Rousse, take the N1197 to Corte-Bastia.

Then to Ogliastro and park in front of the beach after the bridge. The start is at the end of the Ostriconi beach.
Itinerary : Go down and reach the beach, then follow it until the sign "Coastal Path".
Take the path signaled with terminals and red arrows.

Once at the Vana Cove, stay on the same path and continue in the valley. You will pass the sheepfold of Vana (now in ruins). Once at the sheepfold of Sualellu, turn left and take the small climb in the thicket. The trail then descends.
Cross the stream on the left and pass the Chimia sheepfolds. 300m later, you can finally leave the coastal path and turn left. Then go back up the rocky ridge, and follow a wide sand trail.
To the right is the path that leads to the finish point: the Pinzuta Cove.
For the return, stay on the main trail to Vana Beach, and join the coastal path to the starting point.



Le Désert des Agriates Littoral