Le Châtaignier

The chestnut is a part of the family Fagaceae, and is the symbolic tree of Corsica. The tree can grow to more than 30 meters in height and have a diameter of more than 4 meters. The chestnut is a deciduous tree (it loses its leaves in Autumn) with a very recognizable shape and large green leaves. The bark of the tree is rather gray when the tree is young, becoming dark brown as the tree ages. The tree produces beautiful large white flowers from mid-June to mid-July. The tree is said to be self-sterile, so you have to plant more to get more fruit. The nuts of the chestnut were sometimes used to make flour in times of scarcity, which earned the tree the name "breadfruit" or "bread of the poor." It has become popular now in Corsica to serve products made of chestnut flour, and it is delicious.