Le Casteddu de Tiuccia

Access map

20111 Casaglione
GPS : 42.062908,8.749984

Difficulty: Easy
Type: Return trip
Duration: 20 mn
Length: 0.50 km
Start: Casaglione

In the location in Castellu à Tiuccia, once stood a castle whose strategic and patrimonial importance made it a nerve center of this micro-region. Indeed, at the time when the Genoese and Pisans were fighting to re-annex Corsica to their kingdoms, the most important local families were fighting to divide the land and the "micro-kingdoms". Thus this castle could have been the cradle of the Cinarcans, who carried it on their coat of arms after its construction.

Access by car
From Masorchia, take the D601 towards Casaglione. At the first intersection, continue straight ahead and exit the D601. Follow the road to an intersection shaped with a right angle. At this point, turn left and go up to the start of a track. If you have a 4 × 4, you can continue on a little more on the track until you find yourselves behind the casteddu (hill on your left). The trail starts after power pole number 924.
From above you will enjoy the dominant view of the Gulf of Sagone, of Tiuccia and the Genoese towers of Capigliolu as well as the entire Cinarca Valley.


Le Casteddu de Tiuccia

20111 Casaglione