Le Beau Rivage
19 Bd Stéphanopoli de Comene
20000 Ajaccio
GPS : 41.908442, 8.710992

Beau Rivage offers you

Rock lobster or lobster (depending on availability), steamed or grilled, sautéed potatoes, the 100g
Rock lobster pasta (for two people) spider-crab sauce 75€
Gulf fish (depending on availability), the 100g
sautéed vegetables and potatoes
Fine de Claire1 oysters 6 for 18€
12 for 29€
Bouillabaisse (Provençal fish soup) ), potatoes, rouille sauce, vegetables 50€

1 A label given by the French ministry of agriculture.

Today’s special  19€

Tuesday Grilled octopus and cuttlefish
sautéed potatoes, tartar sauce
Wednesday Seafood paella
Thursday Grilled calamari
sautéed potatoes and vegetables, parsley oil
Friday Catalan tuna
grilled tuna, white rice, Catalan sauce

Fish menu 36€

Soup or mussels in white wine or Accra or salmon carpaccio

Main Course:
Gulf fish, sautéed potatoes and vegetables

Dessert of the day

Children’s menu with two scoops of ice cream 17€

Breaded chicken fingers 12€
Homemade minced steak 12€
Grilled bass  12€

Served with grilled potatoes or fries or ratatouille or rice

Cold starters

John Dory tartar, Beau Rivage style, mango, soy sauce, lemongrass, red onions 16,50€
Octopus salad, parsley, red onions, peppers, lemon juice 17,00€
Fresh salad, salad, tomatoes, prawns, grapefruit, fresh onions 17,00€
Ham and melon, salad, cherry tomatoes, ham, melon 16,50€
Traditional charcuterie board , made by Julien Nunzi 20,00€

Hot starters

Saltfish accra, salad, cherry tomatoes, tartar sauce 15,50€
Mussels in white wine or curry mussels 15,50€
Pan-fried cuttlefish Beau Rivage style, garlic, parsley, white butter sauce 18,00€
Fish soup, homemade rouille sauce 15,50€

Our suggestions

Seafood tapas, zucchini fritters, breaded cuttlefish, accras, John Dory tartar, octopus salad 20,00€
Fried gulf fish, green salad, tartar sauce 15,50€
Zucchini flower fritters, green salad, tartar sauce 15,50€


Bass fillet with foie gras, cep pie, potato pancake 32€
Sole meuniere with mashed potatoes 36€
Grilled dentex escalope, vegetable tartlet, potato pancake, shellfish sauce 32€
Prawn tagliatelle, spider-crab sauce, chorizo 32€
John Dory Fillet, green olive sauce, semolina 30€


Beef tenderloin, potato pancake, vegetable tartlet 31€
Veal kidneys with parsley, mashed potatoes 32€
Hamburger Beau Rivage style, cheese, grilled bacon, caramelised onions, tartar sauce, homemade fries 20€
Beef tenderloin with pepper, homemade tagliatelle 33€
Veal escalope Corsican style, Corsican ham, Corsican tome (cheese), mashed potatoes 28€

Our dishes are served with seasonal vegetables

Homemade Dessert Menu

Chocolate fondant with one scoop of vanilla ice cream 10€
Profiteroles with homemade whipped cream  11€
Gourmet coffee, panna cotta with red berry coulis, tiramisu, crème brûlée 10€
Pineapple carpaccio flambéed with cane sugar, one scoop of pineapple ice cream 10€
Honey roasted peaches with one scoop of vanilla ice cream 10€
Organic strawberry soup with one scoop of vanilla ice cream 10€
Limoncello2 tiramisu  10€
Dessert of the day 10€

2 Lemon liqueur produced in Corsica and in Southern Italy

Artisanal ice cream cups

Ice creams: coffee, salted butter caramel, chocolate, coco-nutty, praline, pistachio, rum raisin, vanilla.

Sorbets: pineapple, lime, strawberry, raspberry, limoncello, mango, pear. 

1 scoop 3,00€
2 scoops 5,90€
3 scoops 8,00€
+ Whipped cream 1,50€


Corsican cheese board & fig jam


Le Beau Rivage

19 Bd Stéphanopoli de Comene
20000 Ajaccio