Le 20123

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2 rue Roi de Rome
20000 Ajaccio
+33 4 95 21 50 05
+33 6 37 40 30 13
GPS : 41.918027,8.737254

PILA CANALE village Taravo Valley, south of Ajaccio, zip code "20123", as a village, many of them, could not long resist the rural exodus.

As a kind of grace granted against oblivion ... the idea came to reconstruct the scene, the typical atmosphere of the village, the town has ... do we not spent our exquisite moments, timeless learned emotions, memories that tell the world which we draw our roots. The emotion that comes thanks to places of tastes and flavors found.

The 20123 has wanted an invitation to travel in time ... a journey as much as visual taste, taste memories to awaken and burn a few more bits of these moments.

Recapture the spirit of evenings ago ...
The place has a rendezvous with time : in the light of a lamp, over a meal traditional Corsican where one processor is in a legacy of simple recipes of our mothers and grandmothers, flavors authentic made ​​with fresh local produce quality. The opportunity is made to share and discover something of the life and identity of a people through its cuisine.

Shared a moment of conviviality at the option of traditional songs, because Corsica is also steeped in the rituals around the table, rich with songs that are part of its culture.

Certificate of Excellence 2014 Trip Advisor
Open for lunch from Monday to Saturday and for dinner every day.

Le 20123

2 rue Roi de Rome
20000 Ajaccio