Lac de Bracca

Access map

Punta A Vetta
GPS : 42.049400,9.114990

Difficulty Middle
Type To /
duration 3:30
Length 10 km
Altitude change 1120 m
Access Punta Alla Vetta

Located at the foot of Punta A Vetta, facing Monte Renosu, in front of Lake Vitalca, Lake Bracca is one of the highest lakes in Corsica with its 2085m altitude.
From 8 meters deep, it also has the distinction of having a horseshoe shape.

Go to the Scalella Pass and take the track that goes up to the North. Follow the trail to the end. From the end of the trail, the trail is marked in yellow towards A Punta a Vetta. The path goes through pozzi di Pozzolo (it will be necessary to make a fork on the right to follow the stream to join the pozzi). Once at the Col de l'Agione, go up towards A Punta a Vetta. The lake is right under the summit. It is possible to go down by the scree.
(Add 2h30 to the course if you make the track on foot)


Lac de Bracca

Punta A Vetta