La Vallée de Verghellu

Access map

20231 Venaco
GPS : 42.211538,9.175888

It is a still almost wild space being classified as a nature reserve.
There are mouflons in the area.
Located at the foot of the village of St Pierre de Vénaco, it is frequented by rafting professionals from around the world and its reputation as an "extreme" site is well established.
The departure of this valley is near the Vecchiu bridge (designed by Gustave Eiffel, built around 1888).
The Verghellu Valley is an oasis of tranquility and greenery compared to the other valleys that surround it, Tavignanu and Restonica in the North, Manganellu and Vizzavona in the South.
It is greenest valley of the region and the aquatic course of the river offers an equipped space for trout fishing. It is also the most direct and fastest access to the shelter of Petra Piana and Monte Ritondu by Bocca di Tribali. Finally, the northern and southern sides of the river show many vestiges of the pastoral activities of the past with remains of the heritage trails that still help to cross the slopes to visit old ruined sheepfolds, rock shelters and abandoned mountain passes of the transhumance.
Many companies offer dedicated canyoning days in the Verghellu forest.