La Vallée de la Restonica

Access map

20250 Corte
GPS : 42.262859,9.083601

You still don't know whether to opt for excitement or idleness? The Valley of Restonica, in Corte, is the ideal place to combine both.
Hikes in the thicket, refreshing swims, all in the heart of an exceptional fauna and flora.
This valley extends for 20 km, from the citadel of Corte to Monte Rotondo. Listed as a National Grand Site since 1985, it is one of Corsica's most popular protected natural sites. In high season, it is advisable to go there early in the morning to avoid rush hours and hot temperatures.
Whoever visits these places is invited to preserve their integrity. This is why campfires, wild camping and plant-picking is forbidden.
Admire the landscape, both mineral and wild. Besides its flora diversity, you can see foxes, goats, golden eagles... and other species that are visible only in this region.
You'll take beautiful pictures!
The site is also full of bathing places. The valley owes its many natural pools, loved by young and old, to the Restonica River (which means "she remains unique" in Corsican language). However, it is advisable to consult weather reports because very heavy rains can sometimes fall on the valley. At this altitude, temperatures can be quite cool even in summer. So take a jumper with you.
The Restonica Valley is also home to 7 high-altitude lakes, the best known of which are Lake Melo (1711 m) and Lake Capitello (1930 m).
Caution is required as the road to the Restonica Valley is very narrow. Since the place is crowded in summer, access by car is controlled to better manage traffic and protect the valley.
From Corte, take the D623 (a winding road) for 16 km to the sheepfolds of Grotelle. Leave your car on the paid but secure parking near a restaurant, where you can have a short break (in high season, you can only go there with the shuttle).