La tour d’Omigna
20130 Cargèse
GPS : 42.146544, 8.560069

Difficulty: easy
Type: round trip
Duration: 2 h and 15 min
Length: 7 km
Difference in height: + 154 m / - 161 m
Starting point: Cargèse

Road access
The road trip from Ajaccio to Cargèse takes 1 hour and 9 minutes for 57.9 kilometres. You must take the road D 11 B and after the D 81 one. At the entrance of Cargèse you will run into a roundabout: turn in the direction of the beach of Peru and follow the signs to reach the plage.

You can park your car near the beach of Peru – which is a beautiful beach where you can still find the eyes of St Lucia. To reach the starting point of this walk you must take the path which ends in a dead end and which starts on your left.
From the starting point you must go down the stairs on your left and then take the path which starts on your right and which runs alongside the coast. After a kilometre's walk you will run into the path leading to the Chemin de Chiuni: continue walking in the direction of the Genoese tower. At a certain point you will meet a fork in the path - keep walking until you reach the Genoese tower of Omigna, located at 20 metres above the sea and recently restored. This tower is 12 metres high and 8.5 metres wide. Take a look at the panorama and catch your breath.
To return to the starting point you must go back until you reach the fork in the path: turn left and walk along the path which runs alongside the coast for about two kilometres. Keep walking along the coast, take the path towards the beach of Peru and walk until you reach the starting point.


La tour d’Omigna

20130 Cargèse