La table d'Isulella
Route de Palombaggia
20137 Porto-Vecchio
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GPS : 41.591548, 9.308523

Cooking is multisensory, it addresses the eye, the mouth, the nose, the ear and the spirit ... No art has this complexity.
A range of Mediterranean dishes, local fish, fresh homemade pasta and the opportunity to discover unique local products, unforgettable flavors highlighted by the talent of our Chef in dishes that will awaken your taste buds.


Fresh tuna tartare, wakame seaweed and royal caviar 25€
Eggplant medaillons, sheep cheese with basil, rocket sorbet 24€
Salmon carpaccio, tobiko soy tsukudani and beetroot sorbet 26€


Roasted milk-fed veal fillet with thyme, potato aligot carrots, sping onions and meat juice 33€
Aged Charolais beef filet flashed with Suchuan pepper, destructured lasagna style with oyster mushrooms and stron red wine sauce 37€
Red label drum filet grilled with seriette, fregola infused with pancetta, risotto style clams and sea urchin coral, coppa cappuccino 35€
Prawns cassolette and seasonal vegetables cooked with candied lemon and lobster bisque 34€


Fine puff pastry tart, chiboust cream and raspberries, blackcurrant sorbet 17€
Soft salted butter caramel, Breton shortbread with diplomat cream, Brocciu ice cream 16€
Crème brûlée infused with pepper, fresh red fruits and lemon sorbet 14€


Cheese of pantry's house 13€
Plate of Corsican cold meets by Nunzi family 23€
Mixte plate of Corsican cold meat and cheese 26€

La table d'Isulella

Route de Palombaggia
20137 Porto-Vecchio