La Place Paoli

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1 Place Paoli
20250 Corte
GPS : 42.305557,9.151119
The Place Paoli opens on the Cours Paoli, the shopping street of Corte. It was renovated in 2015 and overlooks the site of the first university of Corsica (which later became the military hospital and is now a car park since the building was destroyed).
The statue of Pascal Paoli, a bronze sculpture on a stone base dating from 1852, greets the visitors.
Pascal Paoli, also called "Babbu di a patria", was born on April 5, 1725 in Morosaglia and will always be remembered by the islanders... Thanks to him, Corsica became an example to follow in the eighteenth century, a pivotal epoch for Europe and humanity as a whole.
The Paolian period brought universal education. He wanted his fellow countrymen to be educated, "enlightened" individuals, who would be able, together, to manage their country, to think and to act freely.
A democratic constitution, a national printing press, a university: all these are among the main pillars of Pascal Paoli's policy.