La Forêt de Bonifatu

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GPS : 42.438889,8.852778
The Bonifatu Forest is a forest massif in northwestern Corsica covering an area of more than 3,000 ha. It is located on the territory of the municipality of Calenzana, south of Moncale, in the Calvais hinterland just 20 km from Calvi and the seaside.
It occupies a majestic mountain area.
The Circus of BonifatuIt is formed by a ridge line made of high peaks (Capu Ghiovu, Monte Corona and the Refuge of Ortu di Piobbu, Capu Ladroncellu, Punta Ghialla, Capu to Carrozzu u and Carrozzu Refuge, Capu di a Marcia At Muvrella, Cappu Penne Rosse, Capu di Meta di Filu, Capu at Ceppu, the highest point in the area of the Bonifatu Territorial Forest, Capu Formiculaghiu and finally Punta di Bonassa).
This crest line, which delimits the Figarella watershed, is interspersed with rocky ledges and passes including some of the most famous: Bocca di Tartagine, Avartoli Pass, Bocca di Muvrella, Bocca di Maghine, Bocca di Bonassa. These steep passes once allowed to communicate with the neighboring valleys.
The site is not inhabited. Apart from the forest house, only a gite hostel is open during the tourist season.
AccessBy D251 along the Figarella river to the entrance of the site shortly after the forest house of Bonifatu and which ends in a cul-de-sac. Paid parking at the entrance, facing an inn, at an altitude of 538 m.
HikesThe Bonifatu forest offers several hiking opportunities, since it's crossed by the GR Tra Mare e Monti and two variants of the GR 20 leading you there. Marked loop circuits are also indicated at the entrance.