La Figarella et ses piscines naturelles

Access map

Forêt de Bonifatu
GPS : 42.442043,8.855567

Difficulty: Easy
Type: Return trip
Duration: 1h00
Length: 873 m
Height: 100 m
Access: Forêt de Bonifato
GPS: 42.442043, 8.855567

The Figarella river is about 24 km long and runs through the Bonifato Forest, located about 20 km from Calvi. Its natural pools are ideal for cooling off.

Access by car (about 30 minutes)
From Calvi, heat to L'Ile-Rousse on the N197, turn right at the roundabout to Aéroport Calvi-Sainte-Catherine. Take the D251 to Bonifato Forest and park the vehicle on the parking lot of the Auberge de la Forêt (parking fee required in season). You can take the pedestrian path behind the hostel.

Take the trail downhill to the small suspension bridge. Once you're down, all you have to do is find a nice place with not too many people. To do this, you may need to climb a little (avoid to wear flip flops!).


La Figarella et ses piscines naturelles

Forêt de Bonifatu