La Cigale

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Face aux Supermarchés
F-20150 Porto
+33 4 95 26 10 13
GPS : 42.263730, 8.709203

Mediterranean cuisine, based on quality regional products (charcuterie, fish, meat, cheese, vegetables, wines). Wood-fired cooking and homemade production of all our ice creams.

Open kitchen with plates and cooking made in front of customers, certifying a pledge of quality and freshness.

From 8:00 am with pastries and complete formula: eggs, ham, cheese.

Non-stop service from 11am to 10pm.

Lunch and dinner menu : around 25 €
Dish of the day : 17 €

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Our entree

Tomato, mozzarella, basil, green salad 12,90€
Hot goat Salad, tomatoes, potatoes, candy box of goat(tackle), smoked breast, let us lard with the cream, toast 14,90€
The maxi cicada Salad, tomatoes, grilled eggplants, ham intensifies, Corsican cheese, gherkins, butters AOC, toast 18,90€
Octopus salad Salad, tomatoes, octopus, potatoes, lemon, black olive 18,90€
Fisherman’s Salad Octopus, shrimps, mussels, potatoes, onions, mayonnaise, lemon 19,90€
Cured ham dish Real Corsican (150 gr.), butter AOP, gherkins, salad 19,90€
Dish of corsican meats Cured ham, sausage, smoked pork shoulder (150 gr.), butter AOP, gherkins, salad 19,90€

Our meats

Minced beef (180 gr.), french fries 12,90€
Pork belly, french fries, egg 18,90€
Grilled rib steak (300 gr.), french fries or vegetables of the day 26,90€
Prime rib (from 300 gr. to 1 kg), french fries or vegetables of the day 6,90 € per 100 gr.
Feet of pig (by 2), french fries or vegetables of the day 22,90€
Spare rib, french fries or vegetables of the day 22,90€
Cockerel (500 gr.), french fries 18,90€
Mix grill : spare bib, pork belly, fried egg, french fries and salad 22,90€

Extra roquefort or green pepper sauce 2€


Corsican mussels from the pond of diana 800 gr. per person + french fries
- Grilled and drizzled with olive oil, lemon and maquis herbs 16,90€
- Mariniere (white whine, onions) 18,90€
- Roquefort 18,90€
Fishes of the day (According to load) 7,90 € per 100 gr.
Big cuttlefish, parsley and olive oil, rice and ratatouille 22,90€
Wild gambas (4) singed in the cognac 28,90€
Pastas in gambas (4) with the sauce of the leader 29,90€
Octopus burned out with its vegetables 26,90€

The fishes, the cuttlefish and octopus are roasted in a wood fire oven and served with your choice of : a range of ember roasted vegetables of the day or rice and ratatouille or french frites.

La Cigale

Face aux Supermarchés
F-20150 Porto