La boucle de l’Ermitage de la Trinité
GPS : 41.405374, 9.123757


Departure: Parking of l'Ermitage de la Trinité

Return to the starting point: YES

Duration: 4 hrs.

Difficulty: Medium

Distance: 7 Km

Positive difference in height: 383 m

Negative difference in height: 388 m

Precautions: Hiking shoes, hat and sunscreen, water

The "Mont de la Trinité" is a mountain peaking at 205 meters. From the Ermitage de la Trinité, a few kilometers from Bonifacio, several paths allow you to reach the lighthouse of Capu di Fenu, Paragan beach or the Bocca d'Arbia pass. The various paths wind between the maquis and beautiful granite rocks.

From the Ermitage, the sunset over the city and the entire Strait of Bouches de Bonifacio is splendid.


From Bonifacio, take the T40, then at a place called "Maschetta", take the small narrow road that goes up to reach the Ermitage de la Trinité. The panorama over Bonifacio during the climb to the parking lot is magnificent.

The starting point of the hike to make the loop is the parking lot of the Ermitage de la Trinité. The path is well signposted, it will take you to the coast and to Capu di Fenu. In this part of the hike, you can find coves and small beaches. If you want to swim, this is the time to do it! Then after passing Cala di I Frati, a path climbs to the left in the maquis to reach the starting point. The climb will be steep, take your sticks with you!



La boucle de l’Ermitage de la Trinité