Jardins traditionnels du Cap Corse

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Luri, à 33 km au nord de Bastia
GPS : 42.897220,9.419060

The Traditional Gardens of Cap Corse are "The Green Warehouse" created by the Cape Verde association at Luri in 1994. This garden succeeded in less than 20 years to find, identify and highlight the varieties of fruit and vegetables of Cap Corse hitherto disappearing. Visitors are invited to explore thematic routes, from vegetable gardens to olive groves, while wandering through areas as diverse as apple and fig orchards, or grain fields. The Public areas "jardins des fêtes " and "le jardin dans la forêt" are devoted to the Mediterranean flora. An exhibition is also dedicated to the botanist Conrad Marcelle.The Traditional Gardens of Cap Corse also has a shop carrying organic and local products, both for sales and for tastings.