I Strittoni-Le Sentier du Patrimoine
GPS : 41.512578,9.007013

Difficulty: easy
Departure: Monacia d'Aullène Town Hall Parking
Duration: 2 hour loop
Distance: 4 Km
Positive  elevation : 110 m - Slope : 106 m
Precautions: Hiking shoes, hat and sunscreen, water

Monacia d'Aullène is a charming village with a long history.
The completely renovated I Strittoni trail located at the entrance to the village reveals the exceptional archaeological heritage of the town which is, to date, the oldest settlement point in Corsica.
This very easy little hike is a loop that allows you to start from Monacia-d'Aullène, to follow the heritage trail on the edge of which you access the "Orii", constructions reminding of Hobbit houses.

Along the path, there are rocks everywhere and thanks to their shapes and colors they constitute a captivating environment. Built from natural caves called "tafoni", the "Orii" served as habitat, burial or grain silo, depending on the era. The path will also reveal agricultural activities from the past, such as the old mill that transformed grain into flour, and cork oaks that were planted for the exploitation of cork and junipers, used for construction and fences.

Access :
⦁ From Bonifacio, take the T40 then the D50 (25.9 km) for around 30 minutes
⦁ From Porto-Vecchio, take the D859 then the T40 towards the D50 (34.6 km) about 40 minutes.


I Strittoni-Le Sentier du Patrimoine