Huiles Essentielles Les Simples et Divines

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Route de Muratellu, lieu dit "Zichilène"
20137 Porto-Vecchio
+33 6 28 28 28 00
GPS : 41.59243, 9.24662

Producers of biological essential oil and biological Cosmetic made in Corsica, LES SIMPLES et Divines distil their essential oil and make their cosmetics biological 100% to Porto-Vecchio in Corse-du-Sud (South Corsica).

"We try hard to bring to our manufacturings as much as possible of ingredients native of our region. We are also anxious to obtain really effective products by incorporating the maximum of plants extracts.
And especially, we are proud to make our products to Porto-Vecchio in Corse-du-Sud (South Corsica)".
Isabelle BUIRET

MOISTURIZING OIL face and body in Essential oil 

PRECIOUS SOAPS superfatted in essential oil, Craft (Home-made) cold manufacturing


FLORAL WATERS for internal use or cosmetic