20128 Guargualé
GPS : 41.83849, 8.926907

Guargualé is located at 450 metres above sea level and is part of the ancient parish of Ornano. This small village is well placed to discover Corsica's natural and cultural heritage because it is located halfway between Ajaccio and Propriano. You should know that from Guargualé you can organise various excursions to do with your family.

This village has quite ancient origins and was attacked several times by Barbary pirates. In fact, you should know that Guargualé has been destroyed and rebuilt at least four times!

The family of Daniel Pennac (1944 -), who received the Renaudot Prize in 2007 for his autobiographical novel Chagrin d'école and the Blue Metropolis Prize in 2008, is originally from Guargualé.

This village has many fountains, one of which was built thanks to an illustrious visitor. In 1858, the Emperor Napoleon III stopped in this village and was touched by the women who had to carry water for kilometres. To make the inhabitants daily life better, he decided to send an important amount of money for the construction of a monumental stone fountain. Two other fountains were built thanks to the President of the Republic Paul Doumer (1857-1932) and by the Minister of Defence François Pietri (1882-1966), who were also touched by the women who had to carry water during an election tour in the 1930s.

Art lovers could also visit the parish church of St Saviour (19th century), which was built in the place of an old building in poor condition. You can also see the remains of several chapels, such as the chapel of St Baizolu, the chapel of St Barbara, the chapel of St Chirgu and the chapel of St Vitrube.

Guargualé is located at 37 km from Ajaccio, at 43 km from Propriano and at 53 km from Sartène. This village is crossed by the D2 road.