20100 Grossa
GPS : 41.611849, 8.877983

Grossa is located at 386 metres above sea level and is part of the ancient parish of Sartène, in the micro-region of Bisogène. This village – where you can find many granite houses – is located in the middle of a dense vegetation which is composed of Corsican maquis.

This small village, like the other villages belonging to the ancient parish of Sartène, has a very ancient history: indeed, it has been occupied since prehistoric times. In fact, Grossa is home to a prehistoric site dating back to the Bronze Age, the site of Alo-Bisucce. Here, archaeologists found the remains of a dozen huts, two fragments of menhir-statues and clay pots. 

Giovanni della Grossa (1388-1464), a Corsican writer and chronicler, was born in Grossa. This writer worked for the Count of Corsica Vincentello d'Istria, for Simone Da Mare and for the Bank of Saint George. Giovanni della Grossa wrote several books about the history of the island, from its origins to the time he lived. Even today his books are considered the only reliable source written by an islander during the Middle Ages.

If you like art, then you can visit the parish church of St Mary (19th century) and the chapel of St John (12th century), which is located one kilometre from the village and which is rather isolated and hidden by vegetation. This village also has a small campanile, the Grossa bell tower.

Grossa is located at 13 km from Sartène, at 68 km from Porto-Vecchio and at 85 km from Ajaccio. This village is crossed by the D21 road.