Ghisoni - Petra di Ribba

Access map

20227 Ghisoni
GPS : 42.105555,9.213114

Difficulty: Easy
Type: Round trip
Duration: 1h30
Length: 3.60 km
Difference in height: Steep

From the RD69 towards the Sorba pass, at the exit of the village near the Stada club, take the path on the left.
The trail is open on the first 400 meters. Follow the stony path for 200 meters to a platform, then cross the Fussò, a unique 3 km irrigation canal that has a part of local cultures since the 19th century. The path turns to the left, zigzagging up to the shaded plateau of Petra di Ripa and enjoy the beautiful view of the village and the Renosu range. Continue to the spring of Trallica. Shaded descent to the RD69 by an old rocky transhumance trail guarded by a thick pine forest. After a kilometer, pass on the right the spring of Strette, famous for its diuretic waters, where all the elders of the region go. To finish the loop, follow the road to the village of Ghisoni.
From Funtana Nova, in a left turn at the exit of the village of Ghisoni towards Ajaccio.
About 1 hour to reach Petra Di Ribba. The difference in height is significant.

Go to Ghisoni and leave the car near the bridge over the Vadina stream on the road to the Col de Sorba in the direction of Ajaccio. At the bridge, you'll see a path on the left (if you come from Ghisoni). Follow it until the ridge.
This path joins the road that goes up to Monte Calvi. It will continue on the right towards the spring of the Ondelle. Then follow the path to the summit and to Petra di Ripa. Continue after the summit to go down on the road and return to the car.


Ghisoni - Petra di Ribba

20227 Ghisoni