20218 Gavignano
GPS : 42.418889,9.287778

Gavignano is located at 720 metres above sea level and belongs to the ancient parish of Rostino in Castagniccia. It is a mid-mountain village, located at the foot of San Petrone (1767 m). Gavignano is covered by the Pineto forest, made up of holm oaks and maritime pines. The most important source of water in the village is the Gavignaninco stream, which has its source at an altitude of about 1130 metres. If you like walking, Gavignano is an ideal starting point for many excursions in the middle of nature.

The village has different hamlets: Olmi (where you can find the parish church and the town hall), Poggio, Petragrossa, Borgo (where you can find the funeral chapel of the Delfini family and the notable house of the Matra family), Canavaggi and Salgi.

The Corsican singer Maryse Nicolai (1934-2019) was particularly linked to Gavignano. Her most famous songs are: "S'o era un", "E tre surelle", "Voceru", "Romantica", "C'est mon pays", "Amore", "Isula Rossa", "La complainte corse", "U pastore", "Ritratu", and "A tribbiera".

If you like art, you can visit the parish church of the Annunciation (17th century), which is located in the heart of the village and which has a "modern" western part and an "old" eastern part. Do not forget to visit the chapel of San Pantaleone (9th century) which is located to the west of the village, near the cemetery. This chapel is decorated with frescoes dating back to the 16th century and is classified historical monument. You will also find a Genoese bridge with a round arch dating back to the 15th century and many public fountains.

This village is crossed by the D639 road and is located at 44 km from Bastia and at 61 km from Île-Rousse.