Fromagerie l'Eternu
Camping à la Ferme La Rivière
20110 Arbellara
+33 4 95 73 46 79
+33 6 13 61 21 53
GPS : 41.660354, 8.994201

We have been referred for this cheese by Paul-Antoine Lanfranchi holding a lodge at Bains de Guitera (I Bagni di Vutera), at the table (excellent) to which we had the pleasure of tasting a cheese the Eternu, specifically a volume of sheep uncooked pressed typical Sartenais. This had to be said. Otherwise, the cheeses are raw milk Eternu and benefit both the name of farmer (milk of the flock in this case) and the organic label. Natacha and Stephane confectionnent also brocciu in winter and spring (fresh or passu, ie refined). In early July, they may even provide a delicious butter sheep. And our brave shepherd-farmers produce organic beef, olive oil, fresh vegetables. Hat!

The dairy is located in the ancient Pieve of a fortress in the village center of Arbellara, itself located 5 minutes to S. Santa Maria Figaniela, the D 19. How, you do not know where Santa Maria Figaniela? This is a twenty minute drive to the east. Propriano on the RN 196 and D 19. By the way it houses a magnificent Romanesque church (read our religious heritage).