Forêt d'Aïtone
20126 Evisa
GPS : 42.277760,8.849547
Located at the foot of the Col de Vergio and culminating between 800 and 2000 meters above sea level, the forest of Aïtone is one of the most beautiful places to escape in the south of the Isle of Beauty. Near the village of Evisa and overlooking the Gulf of Porto, this unusual place, with its green nature, is full of treasures that will fill your senses.
Extending over 4000 hectares, the Forest of Aïtone is a vast green place where trees grow as far as the eye can see: chestnuts, oaks, beeches, hollies... But this forest is mainly known because of its black pines, which are said to be the most beautiful of Corsica. You may meet wild pigs running freely in the mountains, and even cows!
Hiking enthusiasts will be thrilled Climbing, acrobatics and other jumps between the rocks. Discover the trail and follow the orange markings painted on trees and stones.
The forest is also a paradise for bathing Relax in this cool place in contrast with the aridity of the hinterland. Everyone will enjoy plunging their legs, tired or numb by walking, in the natural pools that the abundant vegetation of the forest hides. The water of the small basins anchored between the rock walls only reaches 11 degrees in summer. This relaxing place promises very refreshing moments.