20212 Focicchia
GPS : 42.250377,9.294262

Focicchia is located at an altitude of 670 metres and belongs to the ancient parish of Rogna. It is an area built on a rocky spur, with no seafront and surmounted by medium-sized mountains. It is a good starting point to reach Punta Cigno (1003 m), Punta di Mangaio and Punta Caracuto (1036 m), Punta Alta (1055 m) and Punta Cervio (1189 m).

This village is crossed by the Limone stream – which is the main tributary of the Tavignano, the longest river in Corsica after the Golo. This territory has a dense vegetation – holm oaks, oak trees and chestnut trees. On the other hand, the lowest part of the village, in particular during the summer, is covered by a sparse vegetation... the typical Corsican maquis!

Focicchia is part of two second-generation natural areas of ecological, faunal and floristic interest: Basse vallée du Tavignano and Châtaigneraies et bois des versants sud et ouest du massif du San Petrone.

In the village you can visit the parish church of St Blaise, which has medieval origins and which was rebuilt in the 18th century. If you like walking, then you can run into the ruins of the church of St Salvadore (9th century), which is located near an old cemetery that is still well-maintained, and into the ruins of the old baptismal church of St John the Baptist (11th-12th century).

Focicchia is crossed by the D14 road and is located at 26 km from Corte and at 79 km from Bastia.