20225 Feliceto
GPS : 42.544207, 8.935627

This municipality of 225 inhabitants (in 2017) covers an area of 15.25 Km2. The altitude of the city hall of Feliceto is approximately 240 meters. Its area is 15.25 km². The inhabitants call themselves the Filicidinchi.

The village of Feliceto is located above the D 71 road, which crosses it. The D71 road is called the "Balagne  corniche road" since it connects a large number of Balanin villages.
From the village to the Reginu plain, the setting is green, planted with oaks, chestnuts, pines and olive trees. The dwellings are grouped together and they can be crossed by narrow lanes. On the lands of Feliceto the wine estates of Renucci and Maestracci produce remarkable wines.

The "house of the bandit" built in the 17th century, overlooking the village, is located on Falcunaghja (the refuge of the falcon in Corsican language) at 600 m above sea level. It is accessible by an easy path from the top of the village.