20212 Favalello
GPS : 42.295723,9.272461

Favalello is located at an altitude of 550 metres and belongs to the ancient parish of Bozio, in Castagniccia. The Corsican name of this village is U Favalellu, which means “small field of beans”: we can easily understand that agriculture has always been important to the economy of this village.

This village is part of the Corsican regional nature park – where you can find species such as Corsican nuthatch, Corsican mouflon, Corsican trout and discoglossus – and is crossed by the Zincajo stream, a tributary of the Tavignano. Favalello is quite far from the tourist circuit, for this reason it is a real paradise if you are looking for peace and quiet.

In the village there is the church of Santa Maria Assunta (10th century), which was modified in the 15th, in the 17th and in the 18th century. This building is classified historical monument and its apse is decorated with frescoes dating back to the 15th century. In front of the side façade of this church, you can find a war memorial. If you like walking, then you can run into the ruins of the chapel of Saint-François, which is located about 30-minute walk from the village centre.

This village is crossed by the D39 road and is located at 15 km from Corte, at 67 km from Bastia and at 78 km from Île-Rousse.