Eglise Saint Charles-Borromée et Couvent Saint-Antoine

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20200 Bastia
GPS : 42.694170,9.440861
The church of Saint Charles-Borromée was founded in the seventeenth century by the Jesuits.
It is one of the rare Christian churches where the right of asylum does not apply, a condition which was imposed by the Genoans at the time of its construction.
Its baroque facade is particularly imposing. The interior is also remarkable for the whiteness of its walls that contrast with the golden ornament of the high altar.
There is also a painting of the Virgin of Lavasina (feast of September 8th) enshrined in a gilded-wood frame. At the entrance, two statues greet the visitors: Saint Francis Xavier and Saint Ignatius of Loyola.
The convent of St. Anthony (1540, Bastia) was founded by the priests Mariano of Santo-Pietro-di Tenda, Joseph of Fermo, Liberio of Domodossola and Peter of Santa Lucia-di-Mercurio, while the barbarian invasions struck Corsica.
The convent belongs to the order of the Capuchins. It has often served as a fortress because it is located on a promontory.
Its terrace offers a beautiful panoramic view of the town.
The church has a beautiful altar decorated with a tabernacle, a gift of a Franciscan friar.