Domaine Terra Vecchia / Clos Poggiale
Lieu-dit Terra Vecchia
20270 Aleria

Located along the Diana lake, Domaine des Coteaux de Diana occupies some 220 ha restructured. Classified AOC Corse, the vines of Clos Poggiale are the pride of the area. It extends over 10 hectares in one piece on the board Pianiccia promontory backed the mountains overlooking the plain of the Costa Serena. The soils are very fertile but deep, allowing optimal water supply of the vineyard. The blend is made ​​up of Nielluccio, situated on a hillside of granitic and Syrah developed on colluvium of pebbles. The influence of the sea and the mountain is by creating a unique micro climate. The generous sunshine is here tempered by the winds. The cool nights promotes phenolic maturation of grapes. Two years ago the vines have now exceeded their thirteenth year, and convinced of the exceptional potential of this region we have decided to launch an ambitious scale of a great wine. Covered by funds Baptismal Tolleret Philippe, Christian and Elise Costa, Clos Poggiale which takes its name from its position on a hill, was welcomed by our tasting committee that has graced with four and a half stars.