Domaine Saparale
Vallée de l'Ortolo
20100 Sartene

Name of the estate: AOP Corse Sartène - Domaine Saparale
Area of the estate: 50 ha
Viticulture: Reasoned
Vinification: Organic
Geology: Located in the town of Sartène, in the far south of Corsica, halfway between Sartène and Bonifacio, the estate is in the heart of the Ortolo valley.
Presentation of the wines: In the vineyard, the treatments are reduced to a minimum. The rational nutrition of the soil (no chemical fertilizers, several plows during the year) allows to exacerbate the physiology of the plant and its natural resistance. The vines are disbudded, stripped, and part of the harvest is removed when it is still green, in order to obtain a greater concentration of grapes. This method of cultivation, favorable to low yields, makes it possible to obtain healthy, balanced grapes capable of producing high quality wine. The harvest is quickly brought to the cellar, where it is treated as delicately as possible.
Grape varieties: The terroir of Domaine Saparale allows its traditional grape varieties, the only ones to be cultivated here, to express themselves fully. The Sciaccarello Symbol of the great originality of Corsican grape varieties, the Sciaccarello has not been mentioned anywhere else. From the point of view of its potential for red wines, Sciaccarello requires exceptional terroirs and careful cultural monitoring. It has certain requirements that make it a difficult grape. Assembled, the Sciaccarello will give to the wines its finesse, its aromatic complexity, and its character.
The red wines of Sciaccarello go from cherry to ruby red, their light structure is elegant, their palate suave and endowed with an undeniable aromatic power that brings both length and complexity.
In the rosé, the aromatic palette is incomparably rich. The Vermentino
Introduced in Corsica in the 14th century, the Vermentino is the main grape variety of appellation white wines, endowing them with great aromatic richness. The Nieluccio The Nielluccio is reminiscent of the Sangiovese grape variety from Chianti in many ways. It is mainly planted in Corsica. It gives fruity reds and rosés, with dense and supple tannins whose character asserts itself with age.