Domaine Santamaria
route du lac de Padula
20232 Oletta

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Presentation of the estate:
Jean-Louis Santamaria, a winemaker from Oletta, is enormously proud to be the descendant of a line now at its fifth generation, as confirmed to him by oral tradition and by written documents. His father and his uncles, who for a long time had only produced of table wine, had the excellent idea of embarking on the production of Muscat. They were therefore the first in Oletta to market this product. The bulk of the production is therefore represented by red wine and Muscat. Jean-Louis Santamaria's working techniques are also part of family customs, according to which the vines are plowed, harvested, and moved to the center of the row according to Corsican tradition.
Emeritus member of the Confrerie des Vignerons de Patrimonio, Jean-Louis goes all out to fly the Patrimonio's flag high, not hesitating to work the vines until late in the day.