Domaine Pieretti
Santa Severa
20228 Luri

Area of the estate: 11 ha
Viticulture: Reasoned
Vinification: Conventional
The estate is located on the East coast, approximately 30 km north of Bastia, in Cap Corse, and is part of the Corsica-Coteaux du Cap Corse and the Muscat du Cap Corse appellation on clay and schist soils. Located near the sea, it is therefore subjected to a marine influence. The Cuvée Marine white and rosé originate from this exceptional terroir. The strong ventilation and the plantations on slopes promote the health of the plants, making it possible to limit the treatments and thus the passages of tractors releasing CO2.  
Presentation of the wines:
The estate produces AOP Red, Rosé, White, and Muscat.   
Grape varieties:
Nielluccio, Vermentino, Alicante (Corsican Grenache), Muscat
Presentation of the estate:
"I am part of the family continuity. We have always been winemakers, since time immemorial, from father to son. The Pieretti vines are part of the almost natural environment of the Municipalities of Luri and Meria. Beyond the pleasure and the privilege of exercising this profession, which is above all a passion, as an artist would be in front of his work, it is also a real profession with all the constraints that this implies business-wise, like being able to pay the people who work here and to face the difficulties of this line of work, which for like so many others get heavier and heavier. My common thread is the respect for the product and the pursuit of excellence.”